PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder

PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versalab LE

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a very precision engineered range of PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder Versalab LE that doctors and medical practitioners find of invaluable help. Vascular deficiency in diabetic patients is the major cause for acute complications like non healing ulcers and amputations. The efficient and sensitive PC based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versalab LE comes as a boon in tackling the problems. successfully.

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Vascular Doppler


  • 8 MHz unidirectional Doppler transducer
  • Photo plethysmography (PPG) for toe pressure measurement
  • Segmental cuff sets with manometer for ankle brachial index
  • Special Toe cuff is supplied
  • Manual ankle brachial index study
  • Penile flow study
  • Gets connected on to any computer- RS232 serial port / USB port
  • Windows Xp, Windows 7 compatible
  • PC software for storage and printout on A4 size plain paper
  • Large LCD screen displays all the parameter
  • Standards matching International specification
  • Light weight and portable

PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versalab Dx

Another highly recommended vascular device offered by us is the PC Based Vascular Doppler Recorder – Versalab Dx. Our Vascular Doppler Recorder (VERSALAB Dx) offer equally effective relief as the VERSALAB LE. Additionally, this Versalab Dx features in-built thermal printer that facilitates the printing of the waveform on a regular thermal paper for ECG or EKG machines even if it is not connected to PC.

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Vascular Doppler Recorder

Automated ABI/TBI Vascular Doppler: VERSALAB Auto

The Versalab Auto is one of the best product from India and it is designed to meet all the future upgrades. This automated model measures and A.B. Index and T.B. Index automatically and displays along with the Doppler velocity waveforms. A peripheral vascular Doppler designed to meet the requirement for diagnosing peripheral vascular disease or peripheral arterial disease.

These machines are designed to get connected with any Windows Xp(SP3) and Windows 7, 32bit operating system. This Vascular Doppler automatically captures the Doppler and PPG waveforms and calculates ABI and TBI results quickly and accurately. Pulse Volume Recordings (PVR) is an optional measurement.

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ABI Vascular Doppler

Some of the features of this device are as follows:


  • 8 MHz unidirectional Doppler transducer
  • Photo plethysmography (PPG) for toe pressure measurement
  • Segmental cuff sets for ankle brachial index
  • Special Toe cuff is supplied
  • Automated ABI and TBI
  • Segmental BP measurement
  • Separate mode for complete vascular profile study
  • Silent pump inflates of the BP cuff
  • Penile flow study
  • Gets connected on to any computer- RS232 serial port / USB port
  • PC software for storage and printout on A4 size plain paper
  • Large LCD screen makes the measurement easy
  • All the parameter displayed on the LCD screen
  • Standards matching International specification
  • Light weight and portable

Transcutaneous Oxygen (TCOM) Monitor – Periflux 5000

Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring (TCOM / tcpO2) is a well-documented technique reflecting the nutritive flow in the capillaries. Today, TCOM / tcpO2 is commonly used in clinical applications such as wound-healing assessment, hyperbaric medicine, amputation-level determinations and more. PeriFlux System 5000 offers the possibility to monitor the transcutaneous oxygen and carbon-di-oxide level at the sites of interest. Remote panel systems are available to facilitate use in hyperbaric chambers. We are an exclusive distributor for this product manufactured by M/s. Perimed, Sweden for India.

PeriFlux System 5000 – (laser Doppler and transcutaneous oxygen) is a modular system that can be further expanded to include other techniques for diagnosing the peripheral circulation such as peripheral pressures (toe/ankle pressures), Skin Perfusion Pressure (SPP) and Pulse Volume Recording (PVR). This will provide you with a complete solution for vascular assessments, all in one instrument. PeriFlux System 5000 is used in specialist clinics and laboratories worldwide for precise micro- and macro vascular assessments.

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Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitor Image

Clinical Applications :

Transcutaneous monitoring of oxygen and carbon dioxide, originally developed for neonatal use, has become a routine measurement in several clinical areas including:

  • Determination of peripheral vascular oxygenation
  • Quantification of the degree of peripheral vascular disease
  • Determination of the optimum level of amputation
  • Evaluation of revascularization procedures
  • Selecting candidates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and predicting non-responders to treatment

TcpO2 measurements usually require at least two or three sites to provide a good picture. The more sites assessed, the better the oxygenation picture.

About Us

Our enterprise, Diabetik Foot Care India, is an ISO13485:2003 certified organization highly acclaimed for manufacturing, supplying exporting and distributing a wide ranging variety of diagnostic and therapeutic products for the management of diabetes and its complication affecting the foot. We started our business operation in the year 2005 to serve clients spread across the globe. With consistent quality upgradation and inclusive research and development we have created a yardstick for high quality in the industry with our one of its kind diabetic foot care products.

Quality Assessment

We are renowned for the stringent quality parameters we apply in the manufacturing process for the unparalleled standard we aim at. Our products comprising Vascular Doppler qualifies to be one of the best in the industry in quality standards. We follow national and international quality testing standards to appraise our product quality. For the high quality standards followed by us we have been conferred with ISO13485:2003 certification.

Why Us?

Our organization is considered one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of diabetic footcare devices such as Vascular Doppler among other related products. The Vascular Doppler that we manufacture and export to various countries of the world has been critically appreciated by clients in international markets among Doctors, Surgeons, Diabetik Centers. Following are the features that have won for us the critical appreciation of our clients:

  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative
  • Capable of long hours of use>


Peripheral artery disease (PAD) or peripheral vascular disease (PVD) occur when peripheral blood vessels are blocked, hardened and narrowed, a condition known as atherosclerosis. Risk factors for developing vascular disease include:

  • Family history of atherosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • Exposure to lead and cadmium
  • Kidney disease

Signs that you may have peripheral vascular disease are leg pain that often occurs when exercising and ceases during rest; numbness, coldness, change of color or loss of hair in the legs or feet; muscle pain in the thighs or lower; paleness, blueness or weak or absent pulse in a limb; and an abnormal change in the way you walk.

"Macrovascular" pertains to large, conduit arteries with an internal diameter greater than 100 microns. "Microvascular" refers to small, resistance vessels (pre-capillary arterioles) with an internal diameter of less than 100 microns. It is estimated that the microvasculature accounts for over 95% of the total body vasculature.

ABI stands for Ankle Brachial Index. The ABI (also known as the Ankle Brachial Pressure Index) compares the systolic blood pressure of the ankle to that of the arm (brachial). The ABI is the definitive screening test for PAD or Peripheral Arterial Disease and is included in the Guidelines for PAD by the AHA, ADA, ACC and ACP.

Toe pressures are useful when unusually high ankle pressures are measured. Ankle pressures that are significantly above brachial pressures (above 200 mmHg) indicate that there is medial calcification in the arteries at the ankle and this prevents an accurate ankle pressure measurement. Since medial calcification does not occur on the digital arteries a toe pressure can be measured using a special cuff on the great toe or on the smaller toes. A photo plethysmograph(PPG) is especially helpful for measuring toe pressures with these cuffs.

Doppler is the change of frequency that occurs when an object (such as a train) has motion relative to you. It manifests itself as the frequency of a received signal being HIGHER as the object approaches you, dropping and going LOWER than the nominal frequency as it recedes from you. The amount of shift increases with both the velocity and the frequency of the signal in question.

Not necessary. Any paramedics can be trained by our product specialists to use the machine for effective screening of PAD.

Our Versalab series has connectivity to connect to any computer for data storage and patient report. They are designed to measure ABI and Toe Pressure. Versalab Auto is the fully automated ABI and TBI measurement system.

Doppler method is considered GOLD standard in determining ABI. Oscillometry ABI is not reliable and the pressure measurement on patient with calcified ankle vessel are highly unreliable. Oscillometry method is simple to perform but Doppler is the Gold standard.

Please write to us to learn more about the system and our Customer Support Engineer nearer to your place may provide the information you are looking for.

It is very easy to use the machine. All the instructions are prompted by the software. With training any person can use it confidently.

ABI and TBI on a patient may take about 15 minutes for the beginner and would take less than 5 minutes for an experienced person.

A Pentium 4 or higher processor with 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD with Windows Xp (service pack 3) or Windows 7 (32 bit) operating system are the configuration preferred.

These machines are designed to screen PAD using the Doppler principle and a Radiologist presence may not be required for conducing the ABI and TBI. Trained staff nurse can handle the procedure.

One year comprehensive warranty is offered to these machines.

We have 15 highly qualified Customer Support Engineers are stationed across India.

These products are working in Australia, Greece, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Srilanka and UAE.

There are several target market for this products. Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, Vascular Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Podiatric Foot Surgeon and Orthopedic Surgeon are the potential users.


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